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Kindergarten Home

Kindergarten Home

We Are Currently Accepting Enrollment for the 2020-2021 School Year!

Welcome a new 2020
-2021 School Year!

The core values of CKIS Kindergarten program focuses on providing high level academics in an environment with strong learning ethics. We believe that students should be nurtured with a well balanced early childhood curriculum,  while building including building outstanding bilingual English and Chinese foundations. 

Core values and benefits of our our Kindergarten program:
1.  We have a passion for teaching Chinese to children in their early childhood, their golden age for learning a 2nd language.  Parents will be surprised to see our Kindergarten students reading Children's Chapter Books and master about 1,000-1,600 frequently used Chinese words at age 5-6, a kindergarten level.

2.  The new State law has moved the kindergarten cut off birthdays date from Dec. to Sept.  We do take younger students whose birthdays fall later than Sept. so your child doesn't need to wait another year to enter kindergarten.

3.  A newly renovated classroom that make the kindergarten facility possible. 

4.  Our well balanced curriculum consists of advanced academic standards at the kindergarten level with weekly enrichment classes.  This also saves parents' time and effort in sending their children to an after school program, dealing with after school transportation issue, and additional enrichment class costs.

5.  We nurture students to have their own desire of individual learning interests.  We are building a well rounded environment that balances structured learning with fun play at the same time to build positive study habits.

6.  Students with CKIS kindergarten siblings will now be at one location.

Our kindergarten program is committed to the following:
1.  In our 2nd level of the Chinese Sunrise program, students will continue to learn the
     next level of 800 high frequently used Chinese words. Students should be familiar with a total of    
    1,600 Chinese words by the end of kindergarten at CKIS.  Students who didn't go to our pre-k level, can still well catch 
    a similar reading level by end of the school year.


2.  We are focused to bringing a well balanced curriculum to our students. This includes building a 
     solid academic foundation for phonics, reading, writing, math, and science.


3.  We want our students to develop a love of exploration and a variety of  interests. We offer a rich 
     selection of weekly enrichment classes that introduce and immerse students to different 
     approaches of sensory learning and play. 

Operation Hours:
Program hours:  8:15am – 3:15pm;
Extended hours: 3:15pm – 6:00pm (weekly enrichment KungFu and Chess is included with no additional charge).

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