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About Us

Believing that children differ in their needs, interests, abilities, and learning styles, Champion Youth Enrichment School is committed to providing an education program that enables all children to maximize their potential in a variety of settings.

 The special feature of our program is trying to combine after-school care, academic learning, and 2nd language study needs together at the same time by charging the similar range of monthly fee that many parents currently just pay for after-school day care type of service.

Our program is specially designed to reach a well balanced level that every children can develop his/her abilities in all areas - positive out-going personality, academic learning with 2nd foreign language capability, physical sporting, social skill as well as the passion for loving and caring.

Our focus is a word: BALANCING. We believe the definition of today's success is no longer dependent on academic achievements only. A success of life really depends on a healthy and positive life attitude that only balanced kids can create and adjust towards their future.

Our program challenges each kid for being a champion, as well as teaching every kid to enjoy life through the process of a challenge - not to frustrate and struggle to be the "top best". We believe that building each individual's confidence level and the ability for bearing the stress of life should be as important as pushing them to be the top best.

After all, there is only one person who can be a champion. Even with a champion crowned in certain field, can he/she have the winner status for all his / her life challenges? The strength of facing life's hardships, not giving up the dream, and keep on trying is far more difficult than the ability of being a one-time winner.

In our school, each student will not only learn more academically, but also will receive the positive influence towards his/her personality development.

We believe No Victory Is a Final. No Defeat Is a Failure.

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