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What Textbooks Do We Use?
We use the Singapore math textbook series,  Primary Mathematics 1A & 1B, Standards Edition.

Why Do We Use Singapore Math Text Books?
For years, the students of Singapore have scored higher than those of any other country on standardized math and science tests (administered by Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study). Primary Mathematics was the standard curriculum for elementary students in Singapore.  The use of Primary Mathematics has contributed to Singapore's first place ranking internationally, and it continues to gain popularity in the U.S. due to its proven effectiveness.   English is the primary instructional language in Singapore, so there are no awkward translations. Although the metric system is primary unit of measure taught, there is mention of English measurement; discussions of money are suited to U.S. currency. 

What The Difference Primary Mathematics Can Make?
Primary Mathematics is the course responsible for securing Singapore students their stellar test scores. The series follows a Concrete->Pictorial->Abstract approach designed to make sense of math to students with a variety of learning styles. The concrete and pictorial stages introduce new concepts in real-life contexts, while the abstract stage provides the thinking skills necessary to apply those ideas in ways the text doesn't address. Adult supervision and independent practice go hand in hand as students put into action what they learn. Mental math is introduced early on, so kids learn to actually think mathematically, not just relying on manipulatives and their fingers to solve problems.  The newer Standards series meets the California Board of Education requirements, which CKIS will use.


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