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Curriculum - P.E.

Under our specially designed kids' fitness program, our P.E. teacher and dance teacher will continue to create a "Kids Aerobic" music movement for kindergarten students to enjoy on a daily basis.

Our Kindergarten P.E. program engages students in a variety of activities that promote health-related physical fitness as well as building an understanding of teamwork, rules, and problem solving.

During the first semester, students will work on developing the gross motor skills, hand, eye, and foot coordination and balance.  Students will also be introduced to traveling, chasing, fleeing and dodging with controlled movements in general space. Activities will include locomotor skills, starting and stopping with control, movement while changing directions, avoiding obstacles, recognition of boundaries, levels and pathways.

During the second semester, we will help children develop their emerging team work skills and following a set of rules during a game.  We will be teaching dribbling, passing, and socoring skills with the soccer ball. The teamwork centered activities will teach students to work cooperatively and productively in a group to accomplish a task. Students will experience the importance of teamwork, cooperation, sharing, decision making, and problem solving in a variety of activities, which will help develop positive self confidence.   

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