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We will use the Start Up Science series (also from Singapore), which opens the door to the challenging world of scientific discovery.  Four books, each with 29 exercises, are filled with stimulating facts and interesting activities. 

From topics relating to their everyday activities like how to care for pets to distant and exciting things, like satellites and dinosaurs, the Start Up Science books introduce young readers to a wide range of subjects.  Beautiful colours and lively illustrations add to the value of this series.  For our kindergarten curriculum, we will only cover the first two books in the series.

               Contents of Book 1:
               Living And Non-Living Things
               The Human Body
               Our Teeth
               Looking After Our Body
               Different People
               Different Creatures
               Animal Families
               Looking After Our Pets
               Animals Of The Past
               Disappearing Wildlife

               Sample Contents of Book 2:
               Making a Magnet
               North And South Pole
               Electricity At Home
               Dangers Of Electricity
               Light Up
               Mixing Colors
               Make Your Own Rainbow
               Wind, Water Or Sun

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